Never Enough – does what it says on the tin

A friend of mine, who grew up in Hong Kong as the daughter of a rich expat, gave me this book when I complained to her that I hadn’t been able to get into reading recently (hence the long absence from the Literary Kitty.) I’d tried a couple of books but had given up in the first few pages, which was unprecedented for me – so I thought I’d go for something a bit different. I wanted cheap, page-turning thrills and I got them here.

Never Enough is the story of Nancy Kissel – a beautiful, young woman with a handsome, rich husband, living in a luxury apartment in the heart of Hong Kong’s wealthy expat community. From the outside, she looks like a woman who has everything – designer clothes, a doting husband, beautiful children, a powerful role as an events co-ordinator at her childrens’ prestigious school. But underneath, a fragile, brittle woman lurks – obsessed with power and control – and she suddenly finds herself lonely and insignificant – a trophy housewife in a country she doesn’t understand.

Joe McGinniss paints a fascinating picture of Nancy; I read on curious to learn more about the workings of a woman I knew went on to murder her husband, roll him up in a carpet and order their maids to dispose of his stinking, three-day-old corpse. What drives a woman to so something like that? Well, I won’t go into the machinations here. If you see this book on the shelf at the airport and you want the next few hours to pass by in a flash, buy it. It’s not morally enriching, nor is it great literature but I was engrossed by it and sometimes it’s nice just to be entertained.

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  1. jennifer

    Glad i got you turning pages again! x

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